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THE FITNESS STUDIO is a one on one and small group personal training facility that also offers small group fitness classes. We are entirely client driven and are different from other gyms because of the personal relationships we build with our clients.  Our certified personal trainers and instructors provide  an unmatched variety of tailored training in strength/weight training, cardio, circuit training, yoga, pilates, bootcamp,  speed and agility sport specific training, Tough Mudder, endurance and plyometric training.  The classes we offer are great workouts on their own or can be taken as a supplement to your one on one training sessions. Our trainers and instructors are more than just fitness experts.  Because of the studio's exclusive private setting, they become also coaches, counselors, personal cheerleaders, and friends.
Every new client receives a free one on one consultation/training session. One of our trainers will take you through a personal training program and discuss our supplemental classes. Together, we will find the fitness program that best fits your goals.
Our certified nutrition counselors can help you make smart choices at the grocery store or meal time, and assist in planning menus to help you maintain, lose or gain weight. They also hold certifications for clients with special dietary/physical needs.
The Fitness Studio offers corporate fitness programs that provide onsite programs including fitness and nutrition assessments, fitness classes, fitness and nutritional educational dine and dashes, cooking classes and and fitness challenges.
All of our trainers, instructors and counselors are fully insured and hold a current CPR certification.  Private, in-home personal training or yoga instruction is available upon the client's request.
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Please contact the studio at 610.751.7733 or send an inquiry through the Contact Form.
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